Safety - OHV's

T-CLOC Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist

An inspection of your ATV before each ride is essential. The off-highway environment can be harsh on vehicles. An inspection can minimize the chance of being injured or stranded, ensures long-term enjoyment of your ATV, and does not take much time. Your owner’s manual will show you what equipment to check on your particular machine, and MOTO CANADA offers this basic T-CLOC checklist as well. T-CLOC stands for Tires and Wheels, Controls and Cables, Lights and Electrics, Oil and Fuel, Chain/Driveshaft and Chassis.

We also recommend that you carry an appropriate first aid kit and tool kit in case you encounter any problems. Examine the tool kit that came with your machine. You may want to add a few spare items – a spark plug, perhaps some electrical wire and tape, a good strong tow rope, a flashlight, and maybe a headlight bulb. Prepare for the unexpected, and carry what you need to handle any emergency. Remember, you can ride farther in an hour than you can walk in a day.