Riding Gear - OHVs

With riding gear and safety – follow the rules. Quad Rules. Riding gear should provide proper protection and be comfortable for the conditions you ride in. Helmets are mandatory in almost all provinces and territories. When fitted correctly they can be comfortable all day long. There are the following types of helmets that are appropriate for riding an OHV. Safety should be the number one factor in deciding which helmet you should wear but sometimes style plays a part in your decision.

  • The motocross-style helmet is probably the most popular. It is designed to be worn with goggles and protects the head and face.
  • Open-face helmets are also popular. They are designed to be worn with goggles but do not provide protection for your face.
  • The shorty or half helmet is the least obtrusive but also provides the least amount of protection.
  • The full-face helmet provides a flip-up visor and provides the most protection. It can also be set up with a snowmobile-type heated visor.
  • Eye protection is super important. Approved goggles or safety glasses can save your eyes from low-hanging branches or roost from your own or other machines.

On an ATV boots are very important to keep your feet and ankles protected. Side-by-Sides require more dexterity with the foot controls so the footwear doesn’t have to be as heavy duty.

Gloves are a great addition to your riding gear. When they are sized properly they provide comfort and protection from the elements and blisters.

Long sleeve shirts and jackets are always recommended as are long pants. Besides protecting you from abrasion they also help protect you from thorns, poison ivy and prickly plants.

If your riding is of a sportier nature you should consider body armour including knee & elbow guards plus a chest & back protector.

In addition to protection from impact you need to consider protection from the weather. In certain parts of the country the weather can change fast. You should always layer up in colder weather using a wicking base layer. As it warms up you can always shed off layers.