Moto Canada and Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society (AMSS) Join Forces to Advance Motorcycle Safety and Awareness in Alberta

Edmonton, April 28 – Moto Canada, a leading figure in the powersports industry, is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking partnership with the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society (AMSS), Alberta’s only registered, fully volunteer-based, non-profit society dedicated to promoting motorcycle safety and awareness throughout the province.

Since its inception in 2016, the AMSS has emerged as a leading advocate for promoting safe motorcycle practices. Its annual May Motorcycle Awareness Campaign has gained widespread recognition, solidifying its status as vital in ensuring rider safety. This year, AMSS is set to accomplish significant milestones in its pursuit of enhancing motorcycle safety, including a virtual campaign kickoff, a month-long awareness initiative, the launch of Season 4 of the Think Bike Podcast, and the eagerly awaited For the Love of Motorcycles fundraising event.

“We are thrilled to join forces with the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society to further our commitment to rider safety and awareness,” said Landon French, CEO and President at Moto Canada. “AMSS’s tireless efforts align perfectly with our mission to promote responsible riding practices and educate riders about safety measures. Together, we aim to create a safer environment for motorcyclists in Alberta.”

In addition to reinforcing safety initiatives, Moto Canada’s latest Economic Impact Study unveils the vibrant economic backbone of Alberta’s Motorcycle and Off-Highway Vehicle industry. With an annual economic output of $2.8 billion, the industry’s profound impact highlights the importance of prioritizing safety measures and nurturing the industry’s economic contributions.

For a full view of the comprehensive study, click here.

Among the initiatives planned by the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society (AMSS) to ensure rider safety and awareness are:

  1. May Motorcycle Awareness Campaign Kickoff (April 28, 2024): A virtual event featuring a panel of guests celebrating the safe return of motorcycles to Alberta roadways.
  2. Motorcycle Awareness Month Campaign: From mid-April through June, engage with AMSS’s dynamic multi-media campaign, including radio and digital Public Service Announcements, urging all road users to “Think Bike.”
  3. Think Bike Podcast Season 4 (starting April 17, 2024): Tune in to AMSS’s engaging 26-week podcast series featuring mostly local Alberta experts sharing stories and experiences related to motorcycling, available on all podcast platforms.
  4. For the Love of Motorcycles (June 22, 2024): Don’t miss AMSS’s highly anticipated 3rd annual fundraising outdoor motorcycle market with entertainment, a show and shine, and various vendors.
  5. Participation in Key Events: AMSS will be present at major motorcycle shows and events, including the Two Wheel Sunday in Calgary, Ride to Reynolds in Wetaskiwin, and more.

Stay tuned with AMSS as they champion safety throughout Alberta!

“AMSS is excited to partner with Moto Canada as this relationship will help us reach even more road users with motorcycle awareness and safety education,” said Liane Langlois, President of the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society. “Our goals and values align making this truly a perfect fit and we cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2024 and years to come.”

The collaboration between Moto Canada and AMSS aims to amplify the impact of these initiatives and contribute significantly to lowering motorcycle-related serious injuries and fatalities. Both organizations share a common goal of fostering a culture of safety and responsibility among riders.

About Moto Canada:
Moto Canada is the nation’s leading industry association representing the interests of the world’s best powersports brands. Moto Canada is a driving force, uniting Canadians with the exhilarating world of powersports and as industry advocates, we champion Canadians’ ability to ride both on and off-road. Moto Canada members represent over 90% of the powersports industry in Canada, generating $17 billion in economic activity and over 88,000 Canadian jobs.

About Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society (AMSS):
Established in 2016, the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society is Alberta’s only registered, fully volunteer-based, non-profit society committed to province-wide motorcycle safety and awareness. Through innovative campaigns, educational programs, and community engagement, AMSS aims to lower motorcycle-related serious injuries and fatalities, ensuring that everyone shares the road safely.
For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Paul J. Demers
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Liane Langlois

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